Garda Lake

Garda Lake is one of the most appreciated and desired tourist destinations ever. The particularly temperate climate and the beautiful landscape surrounding the lake, becomes a landmark to whoever is looking for a pleasant place to live 365 days a year. Garda Lake is the biggest Italian lake and stretches over three different regions: Lombardia, Veneto and Trentino.

It is of glacial origin and has a unique emissary, the Mincio River, despite having a large number of tributaries, such as the Sarca and Aril Rivers. Within the lake, there are five islands, the biggest of which can be identified by its 19th century building.  The other islands are smaller and close to the lakeshore.

Garda Lake and its surroundings are characterised by a temperate climate all year round. Vegetation is typical of the Mediterranean maquis with many olive trees, palm trees and also lemon trees and fruit plants. Because of the mild climate, the beauty of the big water-mirror and the brightness of the surroundings, Garda Lake is one of the most favoured international tourist destinations. In fact, thousands of tourists come from every corner of the world, to enjoy the scenery.

This place is, not surprisingly, one of the most coveted by wealthy people, who allow themselves the luxury to buy princely villas, situated directly on the lakeshore. It is an enchanting place, from every point of view, in which it becomes extremely pleasant to live all year round.

Garda Lake is also the ideal destination for sporty people who love sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. The steady winds which blow, almost without  interruption, from the morning until the evening, allows  practicing all those sports where it is essential to have more or less intense winds. On an ordinary day, sails of all sizes and kitesurfs can be seen on the lake. Furthermore, it is also possible to practice horse riding, mountain bike riding, trekking and climbing, ashore.

Garda Lake offers many activities, leisure and relaxation facilities for people from every age group: from children to seniors. There are spas characterised by hot, sulphurous waters that flow directly into the drainage basin, in which it is possible to undergo beneficial and relaxing treatments, but they also cater for children with games and entertainment. The cultural and artistic itineraries offered, the excursions and the warm welcome of local people, characterise the lake grounds. The lake water’s intense blue colouring is an added value to the landscape, already rich in elements which make it unique in its kind.

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